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Q: Do you admit COVID-19 patients?

Q: During COVID-19, can patients be visited? And what are the safety regulations?

Q: Are the Clinics open during COVID-19?

Q: Is a PCR test required for all inpatients?

Q: What are the hospital visitation hours?

Q: Can patients in the Special Care Units be visited? What are the visiting hours?

Q: What medical services does Monla Hospital provide?

Q: Is the hospital accredited?

Q: What is the “Ask me 3” program?

Q: How can the patient submit a suggestion or complaint?

Q: What should the patient bring for outpatient exams?

Q: What should the patient bring with him /her to the hospital?

Q: For patients being treated in the hospital, is food allowed from outside?

Q: Are gifts or flowers allowed into the hospital?

Q: What procedures are needed for patients to be admitted to the hospital?

Q: What should the patient do on the day of admission?