Dr. Saad Dibo

Plastic Surgeon

Graduate & specialized in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery from the American University of Beirut (AUB), & specialized in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery-ULB, Brussels Belgium

Dr Nada Saliba


Diploma in Doctor of Medicine from Moscow institute of Medicine (1979-1990) Scan Study -Doppler Cardiology-Transesophageal cardiology pacing (Dec 1990-1991) Member of the Lebanese society of cardiovascular illnesses Member of the cardiologist association in Moscow 1992-2002 Dr. Saliba has been practicing as a Cardiologist at Monla Hospital and other hospitals in Tripoli city since 1997. Active sharing in medical seminars, congresses and conferences. Public awareness campaigns for youth against smoking related diseases and prevention heart disease for adults with collaboration with NGO’s and ministry of public health.

Dr. Raed El- Hassan

Orthopedic & Trauma Surgeon

Dr. Raed El- Hassan graduated from American University of Beirut in 2000 as an Orthopedic and trauma surgeon. He started practicing in Monla Hospital and North Lebanon hospitals in 2001.

Dr. Nabil Mohsen


Specialized in Neurology from Paris 12 University, Paris

Honorary member of The French Society of Neurology

Fellow of The American Academy of Neurology.

Member of the International Parkinson & Movement Disorder Society

Former President of the Lebanese Society of Neurology.

Dr. George Dagher

Orthopedic & Trauma Surgeon

Dr. Dagher graduated from Saint Joseph University as an Orthopedic and trauma surgeon. After that he traveled to continue his fellowship in the field of Periacetabular Osteotomies of Reorientatioj of Ganz at the School of Surgery in Paris and in the lower limb surgery at the Kremlin Bicetre Hospital, Paris , France. Also, he had a fellowship in Pediatric Orthopedics of lower limb and scoliosis at Taxas Scotish Rite Hospital USA. Moreover, he got a Diploma of microsurgery from USJ. Dr Dagher has around 6 publications in medical journals.