Dr. Rami Abiad

Orthopedic & Trauma Surgeon

Dr. Rami El Abiad is an orthopedic surgeon subspecialized in upper limb surgery and microsurgery. He is taking care of patients suffering from shoulder, elbow and hand problems since 2002 when he started his career at Hotel Dieu de France hospital (Beirut) and Monla hospital (Tripoli). He studied at Saint Joseph University in Beirut and graduated in 1998, travelled thereafter to Paris for 3 years of fellowship in the field of shoulder and hand surgery. Armed with 18 years of experience in this delicate field, Dr. Rami has acquired a good experience dealing with complex problems of shoulders and hands either by arthroscopy or open surgery. He strongly believes that surgery should be considered only after failure of a well conducted conservative treatment. His slogan concerning shoulder is “never operate a stiff shoulder”. For him life is a journey of continuous education.

Dr. Houssam Mostafa

Emergency Doctor

Dr. Maen Alamddine


Dr. Ricardo Sarraf

Laboratory Doctor

Dr. Khaled Diab

Anesthesiologist & Reanimator

Dr. Diab was specialized at Beirut Arab University in collaboration with Rafic Hariri University Hospital