Dr. Haissam Fatfat


Head of the Dialysis unit and Nephrology Department at Monla Hospital since April 2015 till now. In June 2001, Dr Fatfat received his degree in Nephrology and Hypertension from the American University of Beirut. He received his Internal Medicine Degree from Makassed Hospital in Beirut and hid Medical Doctor degree from the Lebanese University of Beirut. Dr. Fatfat is member of the Lebanese society of hypertension and nephrology. Dr Fatfat used to be the Head of the nephrology and dialysis unit in Notre Dame Hospital, Jounieh from July 2001 – August 2009 and Head of dialysis unit and internal medicine department in Dar al Chifae Hospital, Tripoli from September 2009 –march 2015.

Dr. Amer Barakeh


Graduate & specialized in Nephrology and internal medicine from the Lebanese University

Dr. Jihad Bitar

Emergency Doctor

Head of Emergency department at Monla Hospital since 2004. Dr Jihad Bitar graduated from Saint Georges Hospital university as an Emergency Doctor Specialist.

Dr. Nazih Baroudi

Emergency Doctor

Graduate from and specialized in electrocardiography from the University of Brussels, Belgium.

Dr. Abdel Nour El Rafei

Interventional Cardiologist

Medical Director

Chief of Cardiology Department at Monla Hospital

- Bachelor degree in internal medicine, Saint Joseph University and HDF Medical Center, Beirut

- Bachelor degree in Cardiology, Saint Joseph university and University de Liège, Belgium

- Echocardiography diploma, University de Liège, Belgium

- Invasive and Interventional cardiology diploma, Hôpital de Liège, Belgium

- Invasive and Interventional cardiology diploma, Université Paris Descartes, France