Ali Saadeh

Interventional Cardiologist

Graduate of Interventional Cardiology from Beirut Arab University, Lebanon

Specialized in:

- Percutaneous Coronary Interventions, including coronary angiography, and coronary angioplasty. 

- Holter ECG & Blood Pressure monitoring and interpretation.

- Doppler Echography including Cardiac (adult and pediatric), Carotid , vascular (arterial/venous) for upper and lower extremities.

- Stress testing

Dr.Saadeh is a member of the European Society of Cardiology

Dr Abdel Nour El Rafei

Interventional Cardiologist

Medical Director

Chief of Cardiology Department at Monla Hospital. -Bachelor degree in internal medicine, Saint Joseph University and HDF Medical Center, Beirut. -Bachelor degree in Cardiology, Saint Joseph university and University de Liège, Belgium. -Echocardiography diploma, University de Liège, Belgium. -Invasive and Interventional cardiology diploma, Hôpital de Liège, Belgium. -Invasive and Interventional cardiology diploma, Université Paris Descartes, France.

Dr. Abdallah Mahmoud Abboud

Interventional Cardiologist

He got his General medicine degree from the Lebanese University, Beirut 2009, then an Internal Medicine degree from Lebanese University, Beirut 2012. In 2015, he got his specialty degree in Cardiology and vascular diseases from the Lebanese University.

then he traveled to France to continue his specialization in Cardiology so he got DFMSA Cardiology and Vascular medicine -Strasbourg university, France 2015 and Interventional Cardiology, Nouvel Hopital Civil, Strasbourg 2016.

Dr Nada Saliba


Diploma in Doctor of Medicine from Moscow institute of Medicine (1979-1990) Scan Study -Doppler Cardiology-Transesophageal cardiology pacing (Dec 1990-1991) Member of the Lebanese society of cardiovascular illnesses Member of the cardiologist association in Moscow 1992-2002 Dr. Saliba has been practicing as a Cardiologist at Monla Hospital and other hospitals in Tripoli city since 1997. Active sharing in medical seminars, congresses and conferences. Public awareness campaigns for youth against smoking related diseases and prevention heart disease for adults with collaboration with NGO’s and ministry of public health.

Dr. Rami Helal


Graduate & specialized in Cardiology from Université de Tours, Paris