Monla Hospital offers a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare. Patients of all ages and with different types of conditions can be treated at the hospital’s various departments, benefiting from optimized patient care and quality services.

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Home Health Care

Monla's Home Care trusted and reliable nurses are trained to assist with all types of needs and to deliver an exceptional care experience at the comfort of your home



·      Skilled Nursing Care at Home:

  • Foley Insertion/Removal
  • Pain Management
  • Postop Care
  • Tracheostomy Care
  • Vaccination
  • Wound Care
  • Medication Management
  • Symptom Control & Management
  • VS Monitoring
  • IV Therapy
  • Nutritional Support (tube feeding)
  • Ostomy Care
  • Tracheostomy Care
  • Patient / Family Education
  • Babysitting Sick Child

·      Lab Services

·      Covid 19 PCR

·      Rehabilitation - Physiotherapist

·      Rehabilitation – Speech Therapist

·      Clinical Nutritionist

·      Physician at Home



·      Bathing

·      Dressing

·      Grooming

·      Medication Reminders

·      Assistance with Incontinence

·      In-Home Mobility (helping transferring from chair & bed to wheelchair, toilet, etc.)


·      Heart Care at Home

·      Diabetes Care at Home

·      Neurology Care at Home (Stroke)

·      Elderly Care at Home

·      Palliative Care at Home

·      Maternity & Child Care at Home

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The department was established in 2016 with state-of-the-art machines. It offers comprehensive eye care covering a wide range of medical and surgical procedures, related to the eye. 

The department features the following sections:

- Operating room: with state-of-the-art machines to treat various ophthalmic surgeries including: cataract, glaucoma, corneal transplant, retinal surgery, strabismus and pediatric eye diseases

- Outpatient & Diagnostic Clinic – Eye Center: equipped with advanced examination tools to provide complete visual evaluation

Outpatient Ophthalmology Clinic – Eye Center

The Outpatient Ophthalmology Clinic extends convenient and personalized care for patients with a range of eye-related illnesses. The experienced ophthalmologists are specialized in various procedures including cornea and refractive surgery, glaucoma, Oculoplastics, reconstructive surgery, pediatric ophthalmology, medical and surgical retina and ocular oncology.

The Clinic opens 6 days a week from 8:00 am to 4:00pm.

Ophthalmology Treatment Options at Monla Hospital

- Cornea and external eye disease services

- Uveitis (inflammation of eyes) clinic

- Glaucoma clinic (controlling raised eye pressure)

- Cataract services (using latest and high skill-based techniques)

- Vitreo-retinal services (management of retinal detachments, retinal tears, holes and related diseases)

- Systemic ophthalmology (eye diseases in diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid eye diseases) services

- Neuro-ophthalmology services (managing diseases of eyes related to neurological and neurosurgical diseases)

- Paediatric ophthalmology (management of retinopathy seen in premature infants, and lazy eyes from childhood)

- Oculoplastics

- Ocular oncology (cancers of eyes, lids and orbital structures) services

- Ocular trauma services (managing various injuries to the eyes)


Technologies and Machines

To ensure the delivery of optimal eye care, the department is equipped with the following machines:

Diagnostic Machines:

• Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

• OCT-Angiography (the First in North Lebanon)

• Retinal Fundus Photography

• Corneal Topography Galilei G6 (the first in Lebanon)

• Visual field machine

• Ultrasound (A Scan, B Scan) 

• UBM (the First in North Lebanon))

Therapeutic Machines:

• Cryotherapy

• Yag Laser

• Argon Laser

• Micropulse laser therapy

• Pachymetry

• Cross linking for Keratonus patients

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The Cardiology Department at Monla Hospital provides comprehensive care to a wide spectrum of patients with cardiovascular diseases. Specialized Doctors along with a dedicated team of nursing specialists, technicians and staff cover the clinical services which include:

• Noninvasive services including Electrocardiogram ECG, Holter monitoring, Stress Test and Echo Doppler (cardiac and transesophageal)

• Cardiac catheterization laboratory

• Cardiothoracic Surgery 

• Cardiac Care Unit 

• Cardiac Surgery Unit

Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

Monla Hospital’s Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory is dedicated to carry out procedures to diagnose and treat cardiovascular diseases. Managed by experienced medical and nursing staff, the unit is equipped with ultramodern Shimadsu machine. Patients in need of emergency coronary intervention have access to this service on a 24/7 basis. 

The invasive cardiology procedures performed include:

- Coronary Angiogram

- Coronary Angioplasty

- Peripheral procedures

Cardio Thoracic Surgery

The department was established in 1997 and was the First Center in North Lebanon. The cardiothoracic surgery department serves as a referral center in Lebanon. It provides advanced and highly specialized cardiac and thoracic surgery procedures for adult patients:

- Coronary artery bypass (On pump and Beating heart procedures)

- Valvular surgery or repair

- LVAD implantation 

- Aortic Dissection surgery

- Thoracic surgery service: Thoracoscopic evaluation and treatment of pleural, mediastinal and lung pathology & Pulmonary endarterectomy

- Minimally invasive thoracic surgery including uniportal VATS

- Minimally invasise vascular grafts harvesting

- ECMO (extra Corporeal membrane oxygenation)

- Pace makers and defibrillators implantation and explantation

Cardiac Care Unit (CCU)

The unit delivers special care for critically ill patients with various heart diseases. Our highly specialized team of doctors and nurses are devoted to deliver acute care for adult patients and monitor post-procedure cardiac patients.

Cardiac Surgery Unit (CSU)

Monla Hospital’s Cardiac Surgery Unit delivers exceptional care for patients who require open heart surgeries or thoracic surgeries, as well as a recovery unit that serves patients post these surgeries.

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Mother and Child

The Department is dedicated to the wellbeing of mother and child, throughout the different cycles and stages. It offers:

Obstetrics & Gynecology 

The Obstetrics and Gynecology department delivers high quality, family-centered birth experiences. The dedicated doctors are specialized in the care of women’s reproductive organs, accompany women throughout pregnancy and childbirth, and diagnose and treat various diseases associated with the female reproductive system.

To support mothers throughout their journey, Monla Hospital provides baby friendly support through breastfeeding consultations and matching skilled midwives with mothers, for safer child care.

Patient safety and infection control standards are applied in the department’s operations.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Monla Hospital’s newly inaugurated Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provides intensive care, for newborn infants that require critical care. 

Premature infants and babies are cared for by a dedicated team that includes neonatologists, neonatal nurses and other specialists. 


Monla Hosital’s Pediatrics unit offers comprehensive medical care in general pediatrics. The pediatric team consists of highly qualified pediatricians and specialized nurses, promoting healthy child growth and child safety, and works to raise awareness amongst parents to reduce the risk of injuries.

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The orthopedic department provides a full range of in-patient, out-patient and emergency services, such as:

- Reconstruction procedures: hip replacement, knee replacement, shoulder replacement.

- Arthroscopic procedures 

- Hand microsurgeries

- Trauma Care

- Pediatric & Neonatal Orthopedics Surgeries

- Spine surgeries

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Physical Therapy

A committed team of experienced physiotherapists provide inpatients and outpatients with the highest physical therapy care. 

The team offers a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s condition, followed by the appropriate course of treatment. Concurrently, they support the patient with designing a program of home exercise to ensure recovery.

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Medical Imaging

The fully equipped Medical Imaging unit is managed by a team of qualified and experienced Radiologists and Radiographers. The Medical Imaging unit is equipped with technologically advanced devices and machines, covering all required imaging, 7 days a week, to inpatients, outpatients and ER patients. This Medical Imaging unit is fully digitized, complete with Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS).

The machines include:

- MRI : GE Signa 1.5 Tesla that is award-winning & patient friendly

- CT scan Optima 520, delivering better and faster images, with less radiation exposure

- Routine and fluoroscopic Radiology

- General Ultrasound & Doppler

- Morphology Ultrasound

- Vascular Doppler 

- Bone Densitometry (DEXA)

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Laboratory and Blood Bank


The Laboratory at Monla Hospital is operated by a team of competent medical doctors and technologists. The Laboratory serves inpatients, outpatients and emergency patients, 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. The laboratory is equipped with up-to-date digitized machines to cover a wide variety of tests ranging from routine testing to highly complex procedures. This includes:

- Hematology 

- Coagulation

- Clinical BioChemistry

- Microbiology

- Clinical Immunology

- Hormonology and Serology

- Electrophorese

- Molecular Biology (PCR testing)

Blood Bank

The Blood Bank ensures the availability of safe blood and blood-related components 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The qualified team complies with the quality norms in collecting, processing, storing and providing blood intended for transfusions. The Blood Bank is equipped with advanced techniques for processing and screening of blood and its components; in addition to providing platelets and plasmapheresis procedures to patients. 

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Renal Dialysis Unit

In February 2015, the new Renal Dialysis Unit was inaugurated at Monla Hospital, with a state-of-the-art, fourteen station dialysis unit. The Renal Dialysis unit runs six days a week from Monday to Saturday, with two patient shifts each day. The Renal Dialysis unit provides hemodialysis treatments to a diverse group of adult patients who have both acute and chronic kidney failure. The care is offered by a team of professionals including Nephrologists and well-trained registered nurses.

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Emergency Department

The Emergency Department (ER) at Monla Hospital provides initial treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries that require immediate attention. These services are performed by qualified and trained doctors and highly competent nurses around the clock. In August 2011, the ER was renovated to meet the international standards in patient care and safety.

The ER services include:

- Medical services: acute myocardial infarction, treatment of diabetic patients, stroke management, asthma and respiratory distress, pediatric services, management of toxicological emergencies, amongst others.

- Surgical services: minor surgeries, trauma, fractures, joint injuries, motor vehicle accidents, falls, knife and gun wounds, amongst others.

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Medical Services

The Medical Services at Monla Hospital offers a full range of services across all internal medicine subspecialties. The department offers a wide range of services that include Endocrinology, General Medicine, Neurology, Gastro-enterology, Rheumatology, Urology, Nephrology, infectious disease and Internal medicine. This department is managed by specialized medical staff and nurses.

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Surgical Services

Monla Hospital is equipped with five operating rooms, covering various kinds of surgeries in addition to an endoscopy unit.

These services are provided by highly skilled surgeons, backed by a dedicated and trained nursing team. The department provides different types of surgeries including: Cardiothoracic Surgery, General Surgery, Urology, ENT, Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Neurosurgery, Gynecology and Ophthalmology surgery. The Operating Theater complies with the international patient safety and infection control guidelines.

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Anesthesia Services

The Anesthesiology Department at Monla Hospital provides comprehensive anesthesia services for inpatient and outpatient surgery as well as for non-surgical diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Clinical anesthesia services are provided by competent and experienced anesthesiologists who focus on patient safety. Several types of anesthesia are used by the doctors depending on the surgical procedures and the patient’s current health status and conditions. The types of anesthesia offered are general, local and regional.

The anesthesia doctors provide pre-operative consultations for patients who will undergo surgery, in order to ensure their safety during and post-surgery. Moreover, the anesthesia doctors are responsible for the pain management program at the hospital.

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Intensive Care Unit

The highly specialized units deliver acute care and support for medical and surgical patients. The Intensive Care Unit at Monla Hospital consists of 8 beds. The ICU’s experienced team care for a variety of patients, suffering from trauma, cardiac diseases, respiratory illnesses, neurological disorders and surgical diagnoses. The nurse to patient ratio is based on the acuity level and nursing care needs for each patient, using a multidisciplinary team approach.

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The Pharmacy at Monla Hospital is managed by a senior pharmacist who provides the highest quality of pharmaceutical care consistent with the guidelines set by the Lebanese Ministry of Health.

The pharmaceutical services cover medication use while patients are in the hospital to ensure the proper implementation of patient safety guidelines regarding the eight rights of medication administration: Right Drug, Right Patient, Right Dose, Right Time, Right Route, Right Documentation, Right Reason, Right Response.

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Infection Control

The Infection Control (IC) program at Monla Hospital delivers exceptional standards for infection control and prevention. Specific measures are taken to help prevent and stop the spread of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI). In addition, the team of specialists devise strategies to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections and their impact across the journey of patient recovery and care.

The IC department works under the direct supervision of the Infection Control Doctor and Specialized Nursing Coordinator.

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Nursing Services

The Nursing Department is the largest department at Monla Hospital and constitutes the majority of the hospital workforce. Its aim is to deliver nursing care in a timely, professional and efficient manner.

The department is characterized by a team of highly competent and devoted professionals, which include: the Nursing Director, Nursing Quality Coordinator, Staff Development Coordinator, Infection Control Coordinator, Supervisors, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Orderlies.

The Nursing Team is part of the hospital’s multi-disciplinary team, working in collaboration with the physicians, patients’ families and other concerned professionals to provide high quality patient care and education.

To ensure high quality care, nurses at all levels attend intensive training and development sessions to remain up to date with nursing practice standards.

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Dietetics and Nutrition

A patient’s nourishment and wellbeing is a top priority at Monla Hospital. Accordingly, the food services and clinical nutrition are offered to patients by a team of dietitians, who tailor food programs based on patients’ dietary requirements. The daily monitoring of hygiene and operational practices are applied and documented to meet international standards. 

The department provides meals for its patients three times a day, with personalized meal programs based on nutritional assessments. The patient can also be followed up with, after being discharged, to ensure their wellbeing and dietary requirements are maintained.

Individuals are also welcome to visit Monla Hospital’s external clinics, where consultations include dietary care for weight management, diabetes, heart diseases, gastric disorders, renal failure, post- surgery diets, pediatric nutrition and eating disorders, amongst others. 

The department also provides a dietary internship program, whereby interns may be enrolled and supervised by the hospital’s dietitian.

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Human Resources Department

Driven by humans, for a healthier community

Quality health services and care relies on having sufficient staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide effective care. The Human Resource Department at Monla Hospital was established in 2003 after realizing the importance of the Human assets in creating a competitive advantage to the hospital. 

The human resource department encompasses the traditional functions of personnel management in addition to the complementary Human Resources elements of recruitment, selection, orientation, training, performance management, compensation management and Occupational Health & Safety to ensure that hospital workforce is prepared to meet its mission requirements. 

Our HR Mission is to provide leadership in attracting, retaining and engaging qualified staff who will help in the achievement of the hospitals’ goals.

The HR department had passed all the National Accreditation surveys without any nonconformity. Moreover the department had passed the ISO 9001:2008 three year cycles from 2015 until 2017 and ISO 9001:2015 audits in June 2018 with a strong point for the whole HR process.

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Quality and Risk Management

Monla Hospital management team comprehends that an increasing focus on patient safety and quality of care depends upon a healthcare workforce that knows the risks and the proper responses from patients’ arrival until their safe discharge. Therefore, the hospital decided to take a leadership role in addressing these issues through establishing integrated quality system. The Quality improvement department was established in 2004 and progressed in parallel with the most international updates in the quality management and patient safety. The department’s goals are developed to meet regulatory, accreditation, and organizational needs. 

To stay on the edge of progress and improvement, in June 2015, the hospital achieved the ISO 9001:2008 certificate by Afnor for three years, and in March 2016 got the ISO10002:2014 Certificate for 3 years. Moreover, in 2018, the hospital had passed the ISO 9001:2015 ( Quality Management System) certification; and was accredited by Accreditation Canada in Oct 2018 with DIAMOND LEVEL.

Moreover, the Hospital Management’s is committed to implement appropriate risk strategies and processes that identify, analyze, manage and mitigate the risks associated with the hospital’s activities, to minimize the impact of undesired and unexpected events.

A multidisciplinary risk management team is responsible for:

• Promoting the quality of patient care

• Boosting patient’s satisfaction and experiences at the hospital 

• Enhancing environmental safety for patients, visitors and staff

• Fostering patient safety through Patient Safety Program 

• Promoting employee safety through occupational health and safety programs

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At MONLA HOSPITAL there are three Admission offices: Inpatient Admission, Outpatient Admission and ER admission offices.

Cold scheduled cases are required to register their admission at the Inpatient Admission Office at least 48 hours prior to admission. Patients are requested to submit their insurance companies/governmental agencies approval and to perform the required pre-operative tests.

All outpatients’ requests are handled by the Outpatient Admission Office (Laboratory Tests, Radiology tests, MRI, CT Scan, physical therapy, etc.)

The Emergency Room admission office opens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It handles the admission of all the patients presenting to the emergency room.